Three Ways to Maximize Your Creativity

January 23, 2019



It’s your last week to work on fleshing out your idea!

   I want you to spend this week having some FUN. We all know that writing a novel is hard work but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and let our creativity flow in the process. So for this week, focus on the fun things! Here are three suggestions:


1.  Create aesthetic boards for your world, protagonist, antagonist, love interest etc. You can use a collage app to organize the photo’s that you find from Pinterest then print them out and post them up around your workspace. Visual aids in your workspace are super important! Try to do this. It will help.


2.  Organize your notes! You’ve been jotting down all of your scraps of dialogue and little epiphanies over the last few weeks right? Collect all those random notes and organize them into a notebook that’s sectioned out however you want. I like to do a section for world, characters, plot points etc. but you can organize however you’d like. Don’t forget to leave a space for research. That’s coming up in a couple of weeks! Use this opportunity to really make your notebook sing by placing things in it like character profiles, inspirational photo’s, or sketches.


3. Set up that workspace! Who can be creative when sitting in an uncomfortable chair in a dreary cluttered room? Nobody. Having a set workspace is essential, this doesn't mean that you can't take your laptop to a coffee shop for a couple of hours but having a set place to go will help you.     

   My favorite thing is setting the mood when I’m about to sit down and write. I always make sure to have a bookish candle to burn with a scent that will inspire whatever scene I’m working on, as well as a cup of tea or coffee to sip on. I think the best thing I ever bought was a mug warmer to keep my drink hot so I don’t have to keep getting up to reheat it.

   Find those things that will make you comfortable, stress free, and creative all at the same time. Bring your softest, comfiest blanket in to drape over your legs. Hang inspirational quotes on the walls. Get a pair of super comfy writing socks. Whatever makes you feel relaxed and ready to snuggle in and write. Also, mood lighting.

   This week is a week of prep my evil authors! Make your writing space your favorite place in the house and next week we will finally start putting words to page!


Don't forget to show off your creativity by sharing your aesthetic boards and scrapbooks on your Instagram stories or feeds and #evilauthorarmy so we can all see!


Are you feeling ready to start writing? Are your characters chattering in your head and scenes starting to form? Let me know in the comments below!



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