Habits Not Hacks: Consume Less to Create More

January 20, 2019


 Yesterday, I was feeling a bit drained creatively and so I posted a quick observation that I had made for myself on my Instagram story. Remarkably, this seemed to resonate with quite a few people. I got several messages thanking me for my post and stating how that small observation really hit home for them. The post was this:


“Our own creativity is often stifled by the constant assault of others content. Remember to take time for yourself and allow quiet moments of reflection. Let your mind wander. Often, the most creative and original ideas stem from this.”


   When seeing how this impacted people I thought I would write a post elaborating just a bit more on what I meant. I have come to the conclusion that the more social media content, or just media content in general, I consume the less inspired I feel to create my own art. Instead, I feel bogged down by the weight of other’s creativity that I can’t help but compare myself to them resulting in a loss of self esteem and self-confidence. Perhaps, you feel the same.

   Bookstagram, Twitter, YouTube, Netflix and Facebook are wonderful things, don’t get me wrong, they are incredible platforms. It’s just that, when a large chunk of my day is spent absorbed in them there seems to be a mental block that occurs when I sit down to do my own writing. So how do we combat this?

   I 100% believe that we should support others and take the time to appreciate their content and creativity. That being said, I don’t feel we should do this to the detriment of our own. So, for those of us who are creators or wanting to be creators I suggest the following habits to incorporate into your daily routine.


1.       Schedule in quiet moments.


I find my best ideas occur on my drive to work and back. I’m on autopilot since I drive there most everyday so I’m free to let my mind wander a bit. I shut off the radio and utilize those fifteen minutes of peace. I highly recommend. If a quiet car ride is impossible for you then I would suggest finding another time that you can sit in peace, perhaps on your lunch hour you can go sit in your car?


2.       For a MINIMUM of one hour walk away from all media and technology.


Turn off the screens for goodness sakes! The world will not end, I promise. Turn off your phone and place it in a drawer in a different room. Turn off the television. Shut your laptop down. Walk away. Go on a walk, clean your house, do a stretch routine, sit on the couch and close your eyes, I promise if you put this into your daily schedule you will break the addiction to social media and your anxiety levels will lessen.


3.       Make real human contact.


It has been proven that physical contact is so important to the health and wellbeing of humans. I know we lead busy lives but try to schedule in a coffee date with a friend or a movie night with your significant other at least once a week. Give them a hug when you see them. Laugh together.  Give them your undivided attention. Again, social media is wonderful, but it does not replace physical human contact. We are all bookworms, go to the bookstore with a friend! Even if you can only squeeze this in once a month, make it a priority. Make it a habit. It WILL bring you joy.


   Do you try and incorporate these things into your schedule already? Is there anything you would add to the list as a good habit to break free of the content overload that burdens us all? Let me know in the comments box below. Happy Writing!





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