Evil Author Army Unite!

January 4, 2019



For many years now, it has been my number one goal to finish a full comprehensive draft of my novel. I have been dreaming of this for so long that I was beginning to despair that it would never happen for me.

   When I joined bookstragram I was further dismayed by the fact that other writers seemed capable of writing entire manuscripts in just a few month’s or less! This was startling to me, especially since so much of my time was dedicated to working a full-time job, doing laundry, cleaning house and squeezing time in with my husband. How was I supposed to write a full novel while also juggling these other things?!

   Well, the first thing was to do away with the idea that it’s a race. What's important is not how quickly you write your novel, it’s getting your novel written. Period. Social media is a beautiful thing, but it also creates this desire in us to compare ourselves to others. To place our own lives under a microscope and harshly judge ourselves into a shame spiral.


   Here’s the secret, social media is a façade.


   Most of these big booktubers and bookstagrammers are not working full time jobs outside of their social media accounts. Social media is their job. They are getting paid by companies to place products in their photos or to talk about products in their video’s. Now, I’m not coming down on this because these people are incredibly creative and put out beautiful and informative/entertaining content but it’s not fair for us to compare ourselves to them. They have flexible scheduling and are often guaranteed book deals just by having a large following on their social media platforms.

    For those of us who do not have thousands of followers and work normal full-time jobs, fitting in writing a novel is hard work. But as stated above, what’s important is FINISHING and I’m here to help you do that.

   I have created a timeline for 2019 that I believe, if you stick to it, you will have successfully finished a full comprehensive manuscript before the year is out. I will be following along with this timeline and posting progress updates, as well as, tips and epic fails as I go along. I will also be creating a tracking sheet that you can download and utilize as you go.

   Now, before you freak out at the numbers, let's break it down. According to my timeline, you will have to write 2,500 words per week which is only a little over 350 words a day. This is doable, I promise! Most professional writers set 2,000 word goals per day and you are giving yourself an entire week to smash that goal. Who knows, you might feel inspired and write 2,000 or even 5,000 words in a single day! You can then check off the boxes on the spreadsheet and take a break for a few days to focus on other things. The point of the spreadsheet is to celebrate the small victories and to keep you on track for completing the novel. You got this. 

   I believe in you! And I believe in us! We can do this, together, and by the end of the year I hope to see many triumphant posts from all of you with your full printed manuscript. Make sure to use the hashtag #evilauthorarmy to stay in contact with other’s who are working toward finishing their novel and check out my blog post on the first step January goals! Happy writing!






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