What's Next on the 'Change Your Life' Checklist

May 26, 2018




Recently, my husband and I decided to make a big life change by selling our home and moving across the country. We did this for several reasons which you can read about here but now that we’ve gotten through the roughest part of the transition I’m left looking ahead going, now what?

    There are so many possibilities in those two words and immediately a whole list of items that have been sitting on my dream list trip over each other screaming me, me, ME! But when I really sit back and meditate on it I know what really needs to be done and, frankly, I’m terrified. What I really need to do is confront my health.

   As most of you probably know, working a 9-5pm office job does not really leave much room for healthy eating or exercise or even finding the time to go to the doctor. While, admittedly, I’ve always been a petite person (thanks mom!) that does not mean I’ve been the healthiest and now that I’ve hit my 30th birthday these bad habits have started to manifest in really unpleasant ways. Ways like fatigue, irritability, bad digestion, blotchy sallow skin/acne, trouble focusing, and the list goes on and on and on and on. Dude, I’m thirty not eighty. Do you know what the cause for most of these things are? Stress, bad nutrition, and zero exercise. But how do you break these bad habits after submitting to them for five years?


You make the decision to do so.


    Here’s the thing, back when I was in high school, I had a cheerleading coach who was also my sociology teacher and she had a firm belief that we are in control of our own selves. Through willpower, grit, and determination you can achieve anything. You make the decision whether or not to eat an apple or eat a bag of chips. You make the decision to sit on the couch and binge Netflix rather than go for a jog. And while I agree, mostly, with this way of thinking I also believe that there are things that come into play. If you are not feeding your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to properly digest your food and convert it to energy then of course you aren’t going to get off the couch. Remember in my prior post where I talked about crashing at 9:30pm every night? A big part of that was stress, yes, but the other part is that fact that I have not been feeding my body the way it needs to be fed. So how do I expect to succeed in achieving any sort of happiness if my body is sick? I can’t. I would be setting myself up for failure.

    Changing my focus to my health is a tough decision because my heart is screaming to write this book but I’m tired of feeling like I’m trudging through a swamp just to get through the day. I’m young, and I want to feel young, don’t you? So, what steps am I planning on taking?

    First, I’m going to get onto a regular supplemental regimen. Let’s be honest, no matter how many fruits and veggies I eat a day I’m never going to obtain the amount of vitamins and minerals that my body needs to not only function but to heal. I’ve been researching the different types of vitamin companies out there to find the best option for me. I don’t want to be wasting money on any Walmart brand vitamin. I want pure ingredients that are truly going to help rejuvenate my body.

    Second, I’m going to hone my cooking skills. Yikes. You guys, seriously, I cannot cook to save my life. This one will be hard and very very frustrating. Lots of ruined meals for my husband and I but he has agreed to help on this one. Meals do not have to be complicated or fancy but they do need to cut down on inflammatory ingredients such as sugar and gluten. I know these are bad for me from past experience.

    Finally, I’m going to live a more active lifestyle. Does this mean working out everyday? Hell no. I’m sorry. That ain’t happening. I know I’ll be setting myself up for failure if I set an unrealistic goal. I’m not a gym rat, I never have been, but I do love being active. This means incorporating things into my schedule like kayaking which my hubs and I love doing together. I’ve started going on walks everyday with him and the dogs just to get out of the apartment and move around a bit. One of the reasons we moved to this area was to do more things like hiking and biking. These are the types of things that will keep me active and perhaps eventually I can start going to the gym once a week or something but no promises.

   A happy life is attainable but only if your body and mind are healthy. Leaving Illinois helped tremendously with my mental health but now I need to focus on bringing my physical health up to par. It’s never easy to make a life altering change, but hey, I already did it once right?



"Our bodies are our gardens-

Our wills are our gardeners."

- William Shakespeare



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