Whisper of the Tide by Sarah Tolcser

March 19, 2018



Opening line: There’s no law on the Pirate Isle


My reaction: Ohhhh nice.


That’s a good opening line. I feel that line does a great job in setting the tone of the story. If you read Song of the Current you know that you’re in for a swashbuckling pirate adventure and Whisper of the Tide certainly delivers. Sarah Tolcser does not disappoint by making sure that this second installment is filled with pirates, ships, treasure, and magic. I absolutely loved it; in fact, I read the entire thing in less than 24 hours. To say I could not put it down is almost an understatement. This epic adventure checked all my boxes; strong characters, rich world development, and unpredictable plot. It is a must read! I know there are pirate inspired books out there that really drop the ball but Whisper of the Tide is not one of them. This is the type of story that I want to read again and again and was seriously disappointed after it was over because it was so enjoyable I never wanted it to end. I can’t wait to see what this author comes up with next!


Sarah Tolcser definitely expanded her magical world in this book. We’re able to see several new ports and cities and spent a lot more time sailing around the world with Caro. I could tell that the author tried to make each city/port unique and I think she did a pretty good job but I almost wish there was a bit more distinction. The one that stands out the most is definitely the Pirate Isle ruled by the Pirate Queen but the other cities blurred together for me. I realize that she can’t spend too much time world developing cities that we see for only a chapter but I think it would have enriched the story a bit more.


The plot was excellent and unpredictable, even when I consciously tried to puzzle it out, I was still surprised at the end. Tolcser does an amazing job at dropping subtle hints that when the truth comes out you’re left screaming, “how did I miss that?!” Wonderful. I love that feeling. There was also no getting comfortable on this ride. Every time you think you’re going to get a chance to catch your breath something else happens that propels the story forward and you have to keep reading. Excellent pacing in this book. I was impressed.


Finally, our dear love interest, Markos, is back again and we adore him. I seriously love the dilemma that Tolscer creates between our two darlings. Caro, our hero, is being called to the sea by the goddess and is craving adventure while Markos is neck deep in politics keeping him landlocked while he vies for the Emparchy throne.  They are two different people from two different worlds and though they have fallen in love with one another they aren’t sure that they fit together. Per usual for the second book in a series our lovers are separated and we don’t see our handsome Emparch for the entire middle section of the book but instead are graced with the presence of an old friend from book one. If you can really call him a friend.....


The writing overall in this book was excellent and I’m so grateful to have received a free advanced copy of the book from NetGalley to review before its release in June! Be sure to put it on your TBR if it’s not there already, you shall not be disappointed.


Until next time, here's a quote from the book to get you by:


But just as there's a god at the bottom of the river, there is a god who lies under the ocean. And she had other plans for me. - Whisper of the Tide by Sarah Tolcser


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