Hero at the Fall by Alwyn Hamilton

February 26, 2018


 **Thank you to Penguin Teen for sending me an advanced copy of Hero at the Fall and allowing me to take part in the blog tour! Please note that the below comments are my honest opinion of this book.**


Opening Line: I woke from a sleep filled with nightmares to the sound of my name.


My reaction: ……don’t ever open your book with the line ‘I woke up.’ I expected so much MORE from you Alwyn!!


It’s okay, it got better. So. Much. Better. I can’t even. I love this book so much! If you haven’t read the first two you should go do that immediately and then read my reviews here. Then come back. Kay? Kay.


For those of us that HAVE read this series, aoseijsicmsoinfoijeojneoirfewijfoisdjj!!!! I adore this series so much! Not only is it totally different from anything else I’ve read it is also SO well written! Alwyn Hamilton SLAYS at pacing in this book. SLAYS! Every time you THINK you can start to relax BAM she hits you with something else. One thing I appreciated so much was the unpredictability and the ruthlessness of the Sultan. Dude was a true villain. You never knew what he had up his sleeve and he was at all times keeping the rebels on their toes. At no point could I predict what was going to happen next and it kept me roped into the story.


I have two small axes to grind with this book and the first was the fact that I needed SO MUCH MORE JIN! I understand that keeping the main couple separated for book two is a thing but this is book three and I needed so much more of him!


This brings me to my second axe, Amani made some straight up stupid and reckless decisions in this book. There were points where I seriously wanted to reach into the book and shake her. She was CONSTANTLY ditching Jin because of her hero complex and getting herself into dangerous situations which could have all been avoided if she would have just roped everyone else in. It was super frustrating. I was honestly looking forward to seeing more of them being a couple in this book and hoping that we were going to see their relationship grow into a working team. Instead, we got a lot of Amani running off to do God knows what and leaving everyone else to scramble to try and catch up before she gets herself killed. I get that the trend now is strong independent women but that does not mean ditching your significant other and making rash decisions that endanger everyone’s lives without consulting him or anybody else. I think we need to see more equal partnership’s in YA where the power level is equal. Instead of one character needing to figure everything out on their own it would be nice to see more developed friendships and relationships where they learn to rely on one another. End of soapbox.


I will say though, for being the third and final book in the series I do have to applaud the way that she was able to wrap everything up nicely but without making it seem too cheesy. This was an incredibly satisfying end to a great series. Even though there are significant deaths of wonderful characters you are still left with such a great sense of hope at the end. You know that our rebel’s lives will go on and they will continue to fight to make the world a better and more just place.


Please go out and buy this book immediately, it releases in the U.S. on March 6th, but you can preorder your copy now! Until then here’s a quote from the book that I feel sums up this series pretty well:


 “She was all fire and gunpowder, and her finger was always on a trigger” 
― Alwyn Hamilton, Hero at the Fall



About the author: 


Alwyn Hamilton was born in Toronto and lived between Canada, France, and Italy until the was three, when her family settled in the small French town of Beaune. She studied History of Art at King's College, Cambridge, graduated in 2009, and lives in London.

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