Read of the Week: Song of the Current by Sarah Tolcser

August 5, 2017


I LOOOOVVVVEEEEDDDDD this book! Five freaking stars! This book hit all the high points and was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a fast paced, action packed adventure, and Song of the Current delivered. Do not listen to the naysayers who are complaining about the amount of sailor language and verbiage, the book is about sailing there is going to be sailor language okay? Also, it’s told in first person and Caroline grew up on the water sailing with her dad. That is her life so that is how she talks.

So the story centers on Caroline or ‘Caro’ who works on a wherry (cargo boat) with her dad as first mate. Immediately in the first few pages we find out that a major port just got attacked by pirates and they sunk a bunch of wherry’s. Now, these are people that Caro and her dad know well so they dock their wherry to find out what happened only to get intercepted by an officer who insists that Caro’s dad wherry a piece of cargo. When he refuses because obviously that piece of cargo is what the pirates were after he gets locked up in a holding cell and Caro ends up taking the job. Now, all this happens very quickly which is great because we’re thrown into the action but not in a way that I felt confused about what was happening. The rest of the book is Caro’s adventure captaining the wherry and delivering this precious cargo to its destination. I’m not going to tell you what the cargo is because that’s all very exciting and I want you to read this book. Go read it. Now.

Caro as a character is amazingly well written. She is a bold female protagonist without being annoying or overly witty or snarky. I feel like the trend now is that “strong” protagonists are just girls with a snotty attitude that don’t back up their big talk. Caro captained that wherry like a champ. She also was not afraid to get her hands dirty and that was awesome. She had flaws and weaknesses and doubts herself a lot through this story but she grows into a confident captain. She’s the best written protagonist I’ve seen in awhile. Hands down.

The world building was also, in my opinion, very well done. There was some confusion with all the politics but I felt the magic system was very clear. The river folk belonged to the god beneath the river that spoke to them in the language of small things. This world was unique and brought in some new creatures that I had never heard of. I’m not sure if the frog folk were straight out of Sarah Tolcser’s amazing brain or if they came from some sort of legend but it was a nice fantasy touch to the story.

The love interest storyline was good but I feel like she set it up at the beginning to where I didn’t think Caro would ever end up with this guy. I honesty almost dismissed him entirely and thought that maybe a different love interest would be introduced at some point because the two of them did not seem to mesh at all. Eventually, they softened, but I think she could have included a little more interest initially in this love/hate relationship but I was glad that it wasn’t an instalove. Also, when Caro did start to soften toward him it was for reasons that actually made SENSE and went along with her character.

You guys, just go read this book. It was fantastic and anything critical to say about it is honestly just nitpicky stuff that isn’t worth mentioning. I’m sorry there’s a lot of boat language, duh, the book is about sailing and it’s written in first person. So I guess, look at the map beforehand and don’t get too caught up in the boat terms you’ll catch on eventually. This book was worth it.


Until next time here’s a quote from the book to get you through:


“Something inside all of us is always calling out to the world...That's what magic is. When something in the world calls back.” 
― Sarah Tolcser, Song of the Current


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