Week Twenty Two: Playing Catch Up

July 16, 2017



Procrastination is bad and I’m really bad at procrastinating. I had six months to write this book and what have I gotten done? Pretty much diddly squat. Good thing I work pretty good under pressure. So here’s the plan, I’m going to write at least 1300 words a day Monday-Friday. Then on Saturday and Sunday I’m going to double that number and set my goal at 2600. If I keep to my goals every day I should be able to finish my first draft by the end of August, hopefully.

To keep myself in check I have created a little chart on my home page so you can check on my progress everyday to see how I’m doing! You can also follow my story on Instagram as I’ll be making regular updates on there as well. This is it people, the final lap and I have procrastinated long enough. I feel as though I’m ready to write now as I’ve done the initial world and character building as well as chapter overviews and plotting. So if all goes well, I should be able to bust this novel out in a month and a half. It will be a very rough draft, I’m sure, but it’s a start. We will then be moving on to phase two of this getting published plan.

What is phase two you ask? Phase two is editing! So. Much. Editing! Basically, rewriting my entire novel, sounds fun right? Then we get to enter in to the wild world of agents. But more on that later, first let’s get this first draft written.

A word of warning for all of you who are bad procrastinator's like me. Procrastinatins is a terrible idea so stop doing it! It only creates more stress and anxiety and your wondeful idea dies in the land of unfulfilled opportunity. Take the lesson from me, change never comes if you do not create change for yourself. Let's create change together. 

Thanks again for being part of this journey! Keep checking back for updates!


Until next time, here’s an inspiration quote to get you through:


  “Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin” – Victor Kiam

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