This Weeks Read: Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller

June 29, 2017



Daughter of the Pirate King was my read this week and there are three specific areas that I’d like to address. First, will be overall plot, second will be character development, and last will be love interest subplot. This is my attempt to make my reviews a little more comprehensive with a little less word vomit. ;) No promises. 

       Okay, so first let’s talk about the plot of Daughter of the Pirate King. This book is about a lady pirate who is the biggest badass pirate of all the badass pirates that ever lived, or so she thinks. And trust me, she tells you quite often in this novel how badass she is. So anyway, she goes on a mission for her father, the pirate king, to fake getting captured by a rival pirate gang to steal their part of a map that was long ago split into three pieces. Sounds interesting, yes? I thought so too. The beginning is very exciting as she gets “captured” and taken prisoner on the other ship while meeting the captain and first mate (who are, of course, handsome.)  It started off all well and good but after a while I got a little bored. I felt like the plot became very repetitive; since we’re stuck on a ship the whole time I realize that the author had limited scenery to work with so it was a lot of back and forth between her cell and the deck. But what most annoyed me was the lack of opposition for our protagonist. We get that she’s a badass pirate lady, okay, but did you have to make EVERYTHING so easy for her? The author tried to create this fun banter between the first mate and our MC but she was always besting him like it was the easiest thing in the world. I would have liked to see him win once or twice, more on that later though. Overall it was just all too easy and therefore uninteresting. I think she needed more obstacles and lacked a character arc which brings us to my next section.

        Alosa is a bitch. An unlikeable bitch. Sorry. I was not cheering for her at all, I was actually cheering for Riden (who’s the first mate) to finally beat her at something. I get that she’s cocky, and that’s fine, but the girl needed to be taken down a peg or two. I know the author tried to put in a little back story about her upbringing with her pirate king father but I don’t think we got enough of it for it to really make a difference. There was a lot of telling and not a lot of showing here and it killed it for me. I’m not going to feel sorry for your character just because you tell me to.

      It also annoyed me that Riden kept trying to help her out and she kept thinking things like “yeah I’ll just kill him later.” What?! This girl is deranged. There was also no character arc for her. She’s the exact same person she was at the beginning! No growth. Maybe she was supposed to care for Riden at the end and that was supposed to be her arc? If so, that did not show through. I was not convinced that she cared at all for Riden. I felt like she owed him and so she was helping him out. 

      So to my last point, the love story was weak. I get that Riden was supposed to challenge Alosa and they were to have this fun and sexy banter back and forth but UGH! No! Riden kept acting like a conflicted puppy while Alosa walked all over him. It just made him out to be a weak character and therefore their love subplot weak. Why in the world would she be interested in him? She constantly makes him look like an incompetent doofus all the while he’s stumbling over himself to help her out and falls madly in love with her. If I were him I would have thrown her butt over the side of the ship for all the trouble she gave him.

    All and all, I know I’ve been tough on this one guys but I did enjoy the read. It moved along fast enough but there were just a lot of eye roll moments and I wish the writing was stronger. Stronger plot, more character development, more subplot development, this book needs all these things. I really did like the concept of this book, it had a ton of potential! I just feel it missed the mark. Also, the random “lad” and “lass” language felt out of place. Kind of like that sentence. ;)


Sorry for the long review but I had a lot to say about this one, until next time here’s a quote from the book: 


“I'm a pirate," I remind him.
"Yes. I just can't figure out if you're a good pirate or a really good pirate.” 

― Tricia Levenseller, Daughter of the Pirate King

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