Week Seventeen: Naked Vulnerability

June 11, 2017


How often do you encourage a family member, friend, or acquaintance to “put yourself out there”? How often do you say things like “go for your dream!” “Don’t worry about what other people think!” “Do what makes you happy!” All the time? Some of the time? I feel like in our society we’re quick to encourage others to be vulnerable but how often do we take our own advice? All of the time? Some of the time? Never? I’m going to go with, next to never. Why? Because being vulnerable is not fun, putting yourself out there is scary, and opening yourself up to criticism can be potentially soul crushing so instead of “going for our dreams” we sit quietly at home. Where it’s safe. In the status quo.

                This week I took my own advice. I’ve been toeing the line for three months now writing this blog and not really advertising it. Frankly, I wasn’t necessarily afraid of what people would say I was more afraid that they wouldn’t say anything at all.

                The beautiful thing about our generation is we have this wonderful networking tool called social media. Unfortunately, when you need to use it for something besides just sharing pictures of your Europe trip it can create a whole lot of anxiety. Especially since these are people you know. People you talk to often. People you might see every day. So you are constantly plagued with internal dialogue that sounds a lot like “do they like it?” “Do they hate it?” “Will they say something to me at work?” “Do they even care enough to ‘like’ it?” etc etc etc. You become so focused on the follows and the likes that you start to grow gray hairs.

                Listen, the truth of it is, some of your friends may not ‘like’ it. Some of your family may not ‘follow’ you. But maybe someone else will. And if you keep putting out content someone else after that will too. There are seven billion people on this planet my friend and I assure you at least a few of them will appreciate what you’re doing. I am going to go as far as to say that it is close to impossible that out of seven billion people you cannot find one who will like your stuff. So don’t fret and don’t stress too much about it because the reality is, you will not be an instant success. But that’s okay! That does not mean that you will not eventually be a success. Just remember to keep going. Often times we’re closer to success than we even realize and quitting will only rob you of it.


Instead of an inspirational quote this week I’ll leave you will some interesting facts:


Janet Evanovich wrote for ten years before getting published. She ended up switching genre’s and now has a net worth of $80 million


Stephen King’s ‘Carrie’ was rejected 30 times before it was published


Judy Blume got nothing but rejection letters for two years and now has sold 80 million books


J.K. Rowling was the first author billionaire but was rejected by a dozen publishers before Harry Potter was picked up


C.S. Lewis got 800 rejection letters!


Persistence is key. Don’t let other’s dictate your success. Until next time…..


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