Week Eleven: When life happens....

May 1, 2017


Vacation really puts a wrench in your schedule doesn’t it? It just so happens that going to NYC for a long weekend completely kills your solid writing schedule. Now you know, in case you are thinking about going to NYC for a long weekend, don’t. Unless you want to spend the next two weeks playing catch up. So what do you do when you get off track? I’ve been wondering the same thing since I’m still attempting to get back on it myself.

           I’ll be honest, I’ve been REALLY bad about getting back to writing on a regular basis. When things like vacations, holidays, or special occasions come around it’s easy to allow your writing flame to dim. Then getting your nose back on the grindstone is not an easy task.

         So now would be the point where I would offer some great advice on how to make this easier on you but the hard truth is there is no easy way. You just have to do it. Drag your lazy butt up off the couch and sit back down and start writing. That is exactly what I’m doing right this second. I put it off and put it off for a week and finally I had to have a stern conversation with myself. No one is going to write this novel for you, so you better go write it.

         The strange part is, once I start writing again things start to flow freely and I start to wonder why I was avoiding this in the first place? Aren’t human’s strange that way? We procrastinate until the very last second but once we actually start doing what needs to be done we wonder why we put it off for so long. Why is that? Because we don’t have any discipline, that’s why.   

          Discipline is a trait that’s learned and the good news is we can teach ourselves. Most published authors, or even very successful people, will tell you that the trick is to have a routine and to stick to it. Discipline. Is. A. Must. You cannot and will not succeed in anything if you do not have the discipline to keep going when a curve ball gets thrown your way. Life is hard and very unpredictable but don’t let it throw you off course. You can make excuses all day my friend but the only person it’s hurting is you. Who likes being in a rut? Who likes feeling like they haven’t accomplished anything? No one. So go and start accomplishing things! Side step life’s bumps and bruises and keep your eye on the prize. I promise that it’ll all be worth it.


Until next time here’s an inspirational quote to keep you going:


“You can never expect to succeed if you only put in work on the days you feel like it” - Unknown

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