Read of the Week: Ensnared

April 1, 2017

I've done it! I have finally conquered this book! Ensnared by A.G. Howard is the third installment in the Splintered series. If you haven't read the first two books that's okay, I've tried to keep spoilers out of this post. But no promises. 

    Now, overall I liked this series. I thought that the world was very well thought out and I loved how the author saved discoveries for us up until the very end. What ultimately killed this book series for me was the love triangle. The parts where Alyssa wasn't gushing about the two guys were the best/most interesting parts. The plot became repetitive though when one of the two guys was always needing saving. When one was safe, the other was not, and so on. It got predictable. What was worse was the protagonist was always blaming herself for every little thing that went wrong. 

    The constant "fighting of my two sides" also got boring after a while. The whole "Morpheus is my dark side and Jeb is my human side I just cant choose!" BLEH!

    Though, the story would become interesting again when the author would introduce a new element to the tangled web of Wonderland and Alyssa's life. In this last book we found out interesting things about her father's ties to Wonderland that I wish we would have gotten to explore more. This whole forgotten life of her father was glazed over almost like it was put in the book as a means to an end. The author needed a way for Alyssa to get into AnyElsewhere and so she used her dad's forgotten past as a way to get her there. But then completely glazed over it! Her father was supposed to be this complete bad ass but was constantly shuffled off to the side the entire book to make more room for the love triangle drama. 

    The other disappointment was the lack of Jeb's sister Janara's part in this series. She's introduced in the first book as Alyssa's best friend and she seems like a really cool character. She's edgy and kind of a smart aleck and I would have been really interested to see her play a bigger role in the story. It would have been refreshing to show her and Alyssa's friendship instead of everything being about the guys. But she only  makes short cameo appearances every once in a while and I was genuinely disappointed about this. Every time she did come in though she was a load of laughs. Unfortunately, she was left in the dark about Alyssa being part fae through the entire book series. 

    Overall, I thought the writing itself was beautiful. Lots of lovely descriptions of the world and the odd creatures that inhabited it. There was a good amount of surprises and plot twists that kept me from tossing the book out my car window. I only wish she would have dialed it back on the love triangle. Even for a YA novel, it was a bit much and I feel she missed the mark on making me love Morpheus who is the fae guy that she falls in love with. Even in the last book when she really tries to play up Morpheus I just couldn't get behind Alyssa's feelings for him. Hands down, Jeb was always the better choice. In the end, I felt like the way the love triangle played out was a bit predictable even though the way the actual plot line played out was not.

   So there you have it! Next week I will be starting Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton. Super excited about this one since it comes highly recommended. So until then here is an inspiring quote about reading.


"Keep reading. It's one of the most marvelous adventures that anyone can have."  - Lloyd Alexander 







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