Status Update: Week Six

March 26, 2017


    Yes, you read that correctly, week six. No, there is not six previous entries that you missed that mysteriously disappeared. You are coming into this six weeks late, but don’t worry, you haven’t missed much. So here’s the deal, for the past six years or so I’ve been attempting to finish writing an epic fantasy novel and it keeps ending up on the back burner. So my friend Emese and I have decided that we are going to be each other’s accountability partners to make sure that we each finish our own respective novels in six months time. Why six months? Because this shit needs to get done.

            So while I’m attempting to write this novel I am also going to give you a weekly update since Emese and I meet weekly to check in with one another. It’s just another way to keep me accountable for finishing this never ending project. Now, while I’m attempting to write my own novel I am also attempting to read a great deal more than I ever have before. Why? Because it’s important for a writer to read widely in the genre that he/she wants to publish in. So I will also be attempting to finish a book a week for the next six months. This may or may not happen but I’m going to try anyway.

            Each Saturday I will write a progress report and post it up on Sunday's so you can journey with me on this literary trip of mine. Thank you for participating. 

             Now, where am I at in the process? No where. Seriously. I have written a prologue that is total crap that I will have to gut and rewrite so basically we are at the beginning of this journey which is why I don’t feel bad about bringing you in now.



This week’s goals: Edit my prologue and write a rough draft of chapter one. I am also going to finish reading Ensnared so that I can move on to the next series. You can read my thoughts on the Splintered series in my book of the week post. I’ll check in with you next week to let you know if I manage to finish it. :) 

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